Mediterranean Seabourn Cruise with Wellness Icon Dr. Andrew Weil

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Mediterranean Seabourn Cruise with Wellness Icon Dr. Andrew Weil

Posted by Lynn Elmhirst · in Mediterranean Sea, Anywhere · about River or Ocean Cruises
Ultra-luxury cruise line Seabourn and Andrew Weil, M.D.,  a world-renowned leader and pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, offer guests a mindful living program offering guests a holistic spa and wellness experience that integrates physical, social, environmental and spiritual well-being.

In the Mediterranean, Dr. Weil sails the region where integrative medicine is rooted on the 14-Day Origins of Wellness with Dr. Weil, October 6-20, 2018.


Headed round-trip from Athens, Seabourn Odyssey will take in sights and scenes along and off the southern coast of Greece including Mykonos, Crete, Naxos, and Rhodes, as well as Syracuse, Italy; and Valletta, Malta.


In addition to Seabourn's exquisite, white-gloved, personalized service, award-winning cuisine and the ultimate in luxury cruise lifestyle,
this cruise's onboard Wellness Cruise program includes more than complimentary 25 workshops and discussions from authorities on integrative medicine.

Your voyage to wellness will feature an array of exclusive added activities, including:

Complimentary for all guests:

  • Dr. Andrew Weil presents Mindful Living Seminars and hosts Social Gatherings
  • Daily Morning Meditation with a certified Mindful Living Coach
  • Dozens of Expert Seminars on Healing, Managing Stress, Anxiety & Chronic Pain, Heart Health, Diet & Nutrition, Sleep, Vitality, Laughter, Healthy Aging, Guided Imagery and much more**
  • Yoga, Stretch and Mat Pilates Classes
  • Fully Equipped Ocean-view Gym and Motion Center
  • **Subject to change.

Optional Add-Ons*

  • A Full Range of Massages, Rituals and Treatments in Seabourn’s award-winning spa
  • Exclusive Voyage to Wellness Travel Experiences Ashore in ports of call
  • *The prices of any options selected may be charged to your shipboard account.



Andrew Weil M.D.

Origins of Healing
The godfather of Western medicine is Hippocrates, who taught on the island of Kos in the 5th century BC. He urged his students to “first do no harm” and to “revere the healing power of nature.” Hippocrates also created the field of lifestyle medicine, giving advice on how to eat, exercise, rest, and work in order to maintain health. Integrative Medicine honors Hippocrates by recognizing the innate healing power of the human organism as the most fundamental principle of wellness.

Nutrition 101: The Mediterranean and Anti-Inflammatory Diets
A great deal of scientific evidence links overall health, longevity, and lowest risk of disease with Mediterranean dietary patterns. What is the Mediterranean diet and does it actually exist today? How much of its benefits are due to its cultural context? To a Mediterranean lifestyle of which diet is one component? The Anti-Inflammatory Diet that I recommend uses the Mediterranean diet as a template, adding Asian influences to it to make even more powerful at promoting optimum health.

Integrative Medical Wellness: The Future of Health Care
The U.S. does not have a health care system. It has a disease management system that functions very poorly and is getting worse by the minute. Health care of the future must be based on a model of Integrative Medical Wellness that emphasizes prevention and health promotion over disease management. This talk will explain that model and give a picture of healing centers that might one day take the place of today’s clinics.

Healthy Aging
The oldest old are now the fastest growing segment of our society. Many of them are sick with conditions we call the “diseases of aging” (cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, and cancer). But these are not inevitable consequences of growing old. The goal of healthy aging is to reduce the risk and delay the onset of age-related disease – to live long and well, then have a rapid drop-off at the end of life. To achieve that we have to attend to all the lifestyle factors known to influence health that are under our control.


Ann Marie Chiasson, MD, MPH

Harvesting the Natural Wisdom of the Body for Self-Healing
The body has an innate wisdom for health and healing. While meditation is useful to clear the mind, clearing the body of stored experiences is as important. Dr. Ann Marie Chiasson from the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine will teach 3 simple yet powerful techniques to clear the body’s physical and energetic systems to stimulate the body’s self–healing mechanism.

Energy Healing – old wives’ tale or old wives’ wisdom?
Energy healing is a common foundation in many healing traditions and is making a resurgence in the complimentary medicine culture today. Dr. Ann Marie Chiasson from the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine will discuss the basics of energy healing, a holistic practice that activates the body's subtle energy systems to remove blocks, evidence for its use and the importance and basic components for the healing power of touch.

Integrative Medicine for Chronic Pain
Chronic pain is on the rise globally, with 1/3 of people over the age of 65 suffering from chronic pain. Medication approaches to pain management are not able to adequately relieve pain for many and have many negative side effects. Dr. Ann Marie Chiasson from the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine will address Integrative modalities that can relieve pain as an addition or replacement for current medical treatments.

Heart Center Meditation
The heart center meditation is a four thousand-year-old meditation, found in most cultures in one form or another. It is a simple and easy meditative practice that can be a key addition to any regimen for self-healing. Dr. Ann Marie Chiasson from the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine will discuss the core tenets of the heart center meditation and teach how to use it as a short daily healing practice.

The Transformational Process
How do we actually make changes in our lives in areas that seem difficult to shift? For many of us, it is not always as simple as just deciding to make a change and then carrying it out. Dr. Ann Marie Chiasson from the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine will discuss approaches from a multi-cultural model for assisting change and removing obstacles for health and healing. She will cover narrative medicine, simple rituals and common obstacles we face for the deeper process of how to change for physical and psychological healing.


Vivian Kominos, MD, FACC

What I learned from my Giagia: Cooking with heart
Mediterranean cuisine is recognized as one of the healthiest in the world. In this session, Dr. Kominos, a cardiologist, will explain many of its health benefits. Born to Greek immigrants, Dr. Kominos began learning how to cook as soon as she could stand, by watching and helping her grandmother prepare meals. She will provide insight on the latest nutrition research, also covering topics such as picking the right plants, using the healthiest fats, and the benefits of mindful eating.

Attain optimal heart health: it is never too late!
Heart disease is largely preventable. Science has shown us that heart disease can often be halted, healed and even reversed through a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition, sleep, physical activity, optimism, well-being and cardiac rehabilitation are some of the areas to be discussed as a means to help improve heart health.

Creating an active life
The benefits of physical activity and exercise go beyond bodily fitness. Exercise boosts the immune system, prevents many chronic ailments such as heart disease, dementia and cancer, and improves cognitive function. The different types of exercise will be explained: cardiorespiratory, resistance training, balance and flexibility. Topics will include how to choose the type and exercise that is right for you.


Mindful or mind full?
Part discussion and part experiential, this seminar will review how mindfulness and meditation build resilience, boost mood, and reduce disease. Several simple mindfulness exercises will be taught including breath work, single focused meditation and guided imagery.

Women’s hearts: we are not just small men!
Heart disease kills more women than all cancers put together, a fact not known by many women and some physicians. Women’s hearts are different than men’s. Women with heart disease often have different symptoms than men. Even though women gain the same benefit as men from medication and interventions, they are often under diagnosed and under treated. Topics will include how to recognize symptoms of heart disease, how heart disease varies in women compared to men, what can be done to prevent disease, and how to foster advocacy.


Victoria Maizes M.D.

Vitality: How To Uncover More
Everybody wants a little more energy, a bit more verve. Dr. Victoria Maizes, Executive Director of the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine explores energy boosters and zappers. Drawing from a myriad of options derived from the integrative medicine approach, she presents cutting edge nutritional advances, proven mind-body tools, ancient energetic practices, and the neuroscience of happiness. Expect to find practical strategies that you can use to feel healthier and more vital than ever before.

Nourishing your Health by Living Green
Modern life exposes us to chemicals that may be subtly or profoundly impacting our health. We absorb toxins in the food we eat, the beverages we drink, the products we put on our skin, and the chemical sprays we use in and around our homes. Mounting evidence links environmental toxins to developmental disorders, obesity, heart disease, cancer, and neurodegenerative changes. Dr. Victoria Maizes addresses the evidence for harm, the steps we can take to reduce exposures, and the multitude of resources that can help nourish our health and that of future generations.

Vibrantly Healthy Women
Most women worry about developing breast cancer or heart disease. Others fret about changes coinciding with menopause including the loss of bone density. Medical research provides strategies to mitigate the risks of disease. In her presentation, Dr. Victoria Maizes reviews the science of prevention that supports women in their efforts to live vibrantly healthy lives.

Workshop topics

To sleep, perchance to dream
While Shakespeare invited us to “Enjoy the honey heaven dew of slumber,” most modern people seem to follow Edison’s precept that “Sleep is a criminal waste of time and a heritage from our cave days.” Why is restful sleep elusive to so many? In her presentation, Dr. Maizes will discuss the ways in which we can prepare ourselves to relax into deep, restorative sleep.

Beyond Prescriptions: Integrative Approaches to Address Anxiety
Stress, worry, and anxiety are states we all experience at times. Typically, they are treated with prescribed medication. Although this strategy may work in the short term, long term use of pills is associated with increased serious side effects including falls and dementia. In this highly practical, experiential presentation, Dr. Maizes will introduce a wide range of strategies to manage symptoms of anxiety from breath work to aromatherapy, guided imagery, meditation, and acupuncture.

Nourishing your microbiome
Our collective belief that germs are dreadful and cleanliness is close to godliness has been obliterated. We now know that every surface of our body and our intestines are filled with microbes and that these bacteria perform critically important roles for our immune and digestive health. Yet, many people’s microbiomes are out of balance due to courses of antibiotics, use of anti-bacterial cleansers, industrial food, and environmental exposures. In her presentation, Dr. Maizes details practical strategies to nourish or restore a healthy microbiome.

Healthy bones for Healthy lives
Most women of a certain age and many men worry about the health of their bones. Rather than bone loss being inevitable, we can make wise nutrition, physical activity, and supplement choices to maintain strong bones and reduce the likelihood of osteoporosis.


Gulshan Sethi M.D.

The Healing Power of Laughter
About 400 years ago, Dr. Thomas Sydenham, the father of modern clinical medicine stated that “The arrival in town of a good clown is of more benefit to the people than the arrival of 20 asses laden with medicine”. Studies have now proved the physical, mental and social benefits of laughter. Laughter boosts immunity, lowers stress hormones, decreases pain, increases levels of endorphins, improves blood flow, decreases anxiety and depression, and strengthens relationships. It may even help you live longer!

An Integrative Approach to Prepare for Surgery
Surgery is physiologically and psychologically stressful for the patient as well as for the family. It is associated with pain, anxiety and uncertainty about the outcome. If stress is not managed properly it will cause dissatisfaction, and in spite of a perfect technical operation, may compromise full recovery and good long term results. Patients who adopt various approaches to manage stress have a reduced incidence of post-operative complications. Various complementary and alternative therapies can be used to reduce the stress of surgery.

Laughter Therapy
Norman Cousins, a long time editor of the Saturday Review used humorous videos to cure himself from a serious painful disease caused by the breakdown of collagen. However, many patients with chronic illness may be emotional and depressed, making it difficult to laugh through intellectual stimuli such as humorous videos. Laughter Therapy is a newer form of exercise that combines breathing, stretching and laughter exercises as well as meditation and guided visualization. In Laughter Therapy, exercises are designed to provoke and enhance laughter. When these are done in willing groups encouraged to playfully simulate laughter, then the simulated laughter becomes real and mirthful.

Obesity- A Global Epidemic
Obesity is an abnormal fat accumulation in the body that impairs health. Globally about 2 billion people are overweight and half a billion are obese. It is reported that over 40 million preschool children are obese. It is associated with many diseases including diabetes, hypertension, cancer, heart disease and may lead to early death. In an individual, obesity is the result of an imbalance of calories consumed and calories expended. Proper nutrition and regular physical activity help maintain a healthy life. A special diet and even surgery may be necessary in certain circumstances.

The Role of Integrative Medicine in my Career
There are only few moments in life, when special circumstances make you think out of the box and against the mainstream modalities despite your vast education and training. That happened to me in 1991 when my wife became sick. No conventional treatment was effective. In spite of my training in allopathic medicine, we reached out to Dr. Andrew Weil who with an integrative approach was able to cure her within few months. I was still skeptical about Complementary and Alternative Medicine. On the insistence of my wife, I did a Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the age of 66! The lessons I learned during that Fellowship, changed the way I practice medicine. I also learned some techniques to manage stress. Now I practice what I preach.



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